Perri Marketing CEO Tony Perri to Present at SHARE Tech Conference in New Orleans Alongside Fellow IBM z/OS Champion and Mainframe Analytics Consultancy Founder Reg Harbeck

Chattanooga, TN – Perri Marketing CEO and Mainframe Analytics Ltd., a Canadian IT consultancy, founder Harbeck, will conduct a joint session at the upcoming SHARE enterprise IT conference, slated for August 13-18, at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Both PMI’s Tony Perri and Mainframe Analytics’s Reg Harbeck are IBM Champions on z/OS, and are recognized by IBM as technology thought leaders on the platform.

“CIOs and CMOs are not generally viewed as daily collaborators in the corporate world,” said Tony Perri, President and founder of Perri Marketing and one of the presenting IBM® z/OS® Champions. “This is because business executives are often disconnected from front-line employees in IT and marketing roles, amplifying the siloed environments that exist in large enterprises. Along with this disconnect comes a lack of understanding of what marketing and IT teams are working on and in turn, reduced understanding of workloads and timelines to deliver tasks. The result is over-tasked and understaffed marketing and IT teams now more prone to mistakes than ever, and this is part of our cyber threat problem.”

With a keen focus on data security and compliance, the session aims to explore the crucial role human error plays in a large portion of data breaches. While the numbers are trending downward slightly, Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report indicates that nearly ¾ of all data breaches still include the human element, with people being involved either via error, privilege misuse, use of stolen credentials, or social engineering.

“The reality is that cyber threats are a people problem,” added Reg Harbeck, IBM z/OS Champion and founder/CEO of Mainframe Analytics, who will be presenting alongside Perri at SHARE New Orleans. “All enterprise organizations have millions invested in cybersecurity software and yet we continue to read about data breaches daily. More software alone is not the answer. We must reduce the human-error element of cyberthreat and continue to open the lines of communication across silos; it’s not just an IT and data problem.”

The session will also delve into the complexities that data security and compliance standards introduce, especially considering the burden on IT, marketing, and HR teams — the very custodians of sensitive data. Harbeck and Perri will provide expert strategies for large organizations to reduce risk while optimizing data security and compliance efforts.
Attendees can expect to gain practical insights into streamlining workflows and ensuring robust data security and regulatory compliance. As well-known leaders in enterprise technology and marketing, Harbeck and Perri will share their knowledge and experiences, enriched with real-world anecdotes, to underscore the importance of a united approach in safeguarding critical information.

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Perri Marketing, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a full-service technology marketing agency with 20+ years of experience generating qualified sales opportunities for software vendors in InfoSec, CRM, ERP, Logistics, Network/Infrastructure Management, and Service Management. PMI is also a registered Hubspot CRM/Marketing Automation solutions partner.

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