Tired of marketing that’s more money pit than moneymaker? Remember the tech startup that spammed everyone’s inbox? Or the one with the ad so cringeworthy it fueled competitor memes? We’ve seen it all in our 20+ years working with tech CEOs and believe me, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

In our latest whitepaper, “Worst-Practice Marketing. How to Bring Your Sales and Marketing Engine to a Screeching Halt, With 9 Things to Avoid for Revenue Success”, we crack open our vault of “epic marketing fails” to expose the 9 of the worst habits guaranteed to send sales engines crashing. Ready to ditch the cringe and become a marketing moneymaker? Follow us.

What the Non-Moneymakers Do:

These CEOs make critical mistakes that hinder their growth. Here are three key pitfalls:

  1. Lack of Collaboration:
    Underperforming CEOs often overlook the importance of collaboration with their marketing team. This hinders the development of compelling narratives and unique selling propositions.
  2. Failure to Communicate Key Product Details:
    We’ve seen far too many CEOs who assume that marketing teams don’t need intricate product details. This leads to a lack of differentiation in messaging, making it challenging to stand out in a competitive market.
  3. Neglecting Analyst Communication:
    Failure to communicate and collaborate with the analyst community results in missed opportunities. Successful CEOs leveraged analyst insights to tell compelling stories that resonate with potential clients.

3 Things the Moneymakers Do:

  1. Collaborate on the Wins:
    Communication is always key. Successful CEOs openly share the attributes of their wins and losses with us. This collaboration provides a wealth of information that allows marketers to craft compelling case studies, showcasing the triumphs and lessons learned. These success stories become invaluable assets for attracting prospects and building credibility.
  2. Collaborate on the Tech:
    Transparent collaboration extends to the technical aspects. CEOs opened up about their software, going so far as to allow us to install and interact with it. In the case of one client, CorreLog, leaders allowed us to download their software on our laptop, enabling us to explore its capabilities firsthand. This hands-on experience paved the way for creating impactful blogs and whitepapers, highlighting key differentiators, and driving new product development.
  3. Share Insights on the Competition:
    Successful CEOs don’t shy away from sharing insights about their competitors. This information empowers marketers to position their products strategically, showcasing differentiators that highlight the unique value proposition. Understanding the competitive landscape is instrumental in crafting effective marketing messages.

What Did We Learn? Collaborate with Your Marketing Team!

The key takeaway from our experiences is clear: successful CEOs actively collaborate with their marketing teams (in-house or outsourced). Detailed product insights, collaboration on wins and losses, and openness about technology empower marketing teams to create compelling narratives and differentiators.

The success of tech software companies hinges on the collaboration between CEOs and their marketing teams. By learning from both the successes and failures, CEOs can refine their strategies and ensure a more robust path to growth in the dynamic tech industry.

For further insights, explore our recent whitepaper, “Worst-Practice Marketing. “How to Bring Your Sales and Marketing Engine to a Screeching Halt, With 9 Things to Avoid for Revenue Success.

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