What We Do

The large enterprise software vendors carry the big stick, but the marketplace is tiring of the inadequate customer care and lack of attention to detail inherent in these giant software companies. The small to medium-sized software vendor can compete, and this is what we do. We’ve spent the last 10 years helping SMB software vendors become formidable foes to the software giants that are trying to gobble them up or make them obsolete. And if your goal is to be gobbled up in a best-case-scenario exit, we just did that recently with a client.

Occasionally, we are asked to work with companies that aren’t software-based or other technology-based endeavors. The answer is emphatically “no.” My expertise over the past 25 years has been helping SMB software vendors grow. I’ve learned much about technology over this time but the greatest skill I bring to your organization is an understanding of how the Fortune 1000 buys software and we leverage this knowledge to help you maximize your selling potential. What can we offer?

Complimentary Consultation

Marketing technology expert Tony Perri offers a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Click the link below and let’s talk shop. It’ll only cost you 30 minutes of your day and the conversation will no doubt, be interesting and informative.

Tech Content Generation:

Our knowledge of technology runs deep, 25 years and counting. We listen and understand your value and will create quality content for your marketing automation systems that propels leads faster through your sales funnels. You can view or sample collateral library here.


Marketing as a Service:

Work alongside clients’ teams as a marketing arm of their businesses, filling any marketing personnel gaps that are barriers reaching sales revenue targets. This is effectively a rent-a-marketing-department approach. Our experience in software makes us a great fit and if it does not work out you can get rid of us in an email. Hiring the wrong marketing FTE is a totally different experience if it does not work out. Why take the chance? 

Technology Solutions:

HubSpot Solutions Partner | SharpSpring Reseller

Perri Marketing is a HubSpot Solutions Partner, meaning we can both sell and deploy the industry-leading CRM/Marketing Automation platform, saving clients up to half off the cost of a deployment from other solutions providers.

We are also reseller of SharpSpring CRM and Marketing Automation software. This is a fully compatible solution to HubSpot, Salesforce.com/Pardot and other much higher priced solutions. We have customers working with these tools and know them well. SharpSpring is equally as viable a product at about 25-30% of the cost. We handle the sale, support and implementation, as well as weekly campaigning and reporting within the solution.

Sales & Marketing Ops:

Having a CRM/Marketing Automation technology is only part of the battle against the enterprise software giants. Because we know how the Fortune 1000 purchases enterprise software, we are able to translate that knowledge in sales collateral that supports your sales and marketing process. If you need an outside-looking-in perspective of your sales and marketing process, we can be that guide and help you effectively map your sales process to your CRM/MA system. This can help speed your sales cycle by as much as 15-20%.


Industry Analyst Relations and Media Relations:

There is a marked difference between AR and PR, yet many large organizations rely on their PR department to manage Gartner, Forrester Research, IDC and other analyst accounts. The analyst community wants to be your ally but all to often SMB software vendors treat AR like it was a press release or a brochure and the results can be devastating to your brand. Don’t forget the analysts are speaking to the prospects you’re trying to reel in and for this, you need a best-foot-forward approach. We understand AR and will help you build that relationship. The best referral you’ll ever get is from an industry analyst so make it count with PMI.


Industry Research and Whitepaper Writing:

Because in-house marketing resources are scarce in the SMB software space, often times a software company will task technical resources to do whitepaper writing. This is good for a technical paper because the devil’s in the details. But to dissect your complex offering into a well-researched and cohesive white paper for a CxO or other business manager, this can be a wasted effort. We have been researching and writing about complex issues in technology (InfoSec, Application Management, Infrastructure Management, Data Management, Storage Management, and many other IT topics), for more than 20 years. We are journalists first, technology geeks second and this makes us a great fit. You only need a few whitepapers every year so it’s a natural approach to outsource this work. Our research paper content quality is high and our rates are low comparatively. We offer a free 30-minute consultation for research and whitepaper writing. Contact us here.

We are located in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.