client whitepapers

Below is a sample of some of the whitepapers we have researched, written and designed for clients.
Please contact us if you would like to request a sample PDF of any of these papers.

Infotelcorp Whitepaper Mainframe App Testing

BMC Indicators of Compromise

BMC Mitigating Mainframe Security Risks

Infotel Mainframe devs Working remotely

DTS ACC Monarch Whitepaper

Kokomo 2/47 SIS whitepaper

SyncDog whitepaper BYOD data risk

Peace communications Online Collaboration eBook

SyncDog vs Antivirus Whitepaper

Infotel Next 50 Years of Mainframe whitepaper

Infotel DB/IQ Packman datasheet

Infotel db/iq code quality whitepaper

Atris SIEM datasheet

Cloud Compiling COBOL Whitepaper