In 2011, Perri Marketing, Inc. (PMI) was contracted by CorreLog, a leading mainframe security software vendor. The goal? To improve online performance for the client by generating new leads and turning these leads into customers. CorreLog had a strong sales team with a viable strategy, but the company had no marketing personnel, and it was proving cost-prohibitive for busy salespeople to nurture leads for the entire mainframe software sales cycle.

CorreLog needed a way to support its existing sales team without spending a fortune, which is why the organization’s leaders chose to partner with PMI. For roughly one-quarter the cost of a full-time marketing director and sales admin, the vendor immediately gained access to a team of seasoned software marketing experts who could provide the content and collateral necessary for sales enablement. Today, HubSpot research indicates that 70% of marketers are investing in content, and for good reason — with compelling content such as whitepapers and case studies, CorreLog quickly gained a reputation for thought leadership in the mainframe space, and sales personnel could approach prospects with meaningful and useful information, adding valuable touchpoints over a lengthy, 12- to 18-month sales cycle.

To support CorreLog’s efforts to scale, PMI implemented powerful marketing automation tools across as much of the sales cycle as possible, allowing salespeople to focus on converting the most promising leads toward the bottom of the funnel while the top refilled with minimal effort.

The successful partnership between PMI and CorreLog went on for seven years. When the latter was acquired at an impressive valuation, the buyer opted to continue relying on PMI for the same reasons as CorreLog — we’re a strategic partner that can deliver measurable results at a reasonable price. And our unique MaaS approach and team of accomplished professionals allow you to meet any marketing need quickly and effectively.



Understanding the Software Sales Cycle and Planning for it

At Perri Marketing, we know how software sells. CxOs don’t just wake up with an urge to buy a new product. They look for solutions to solve problems that disrupt their business, whether the problem is a crash, a breach, a new boss, or something else that causes them to reach out to a software vendor.

You never know when those events will take place, which is why you need your content in the right inboxes or on the right desks with frequency and consistency. You must ensure your organization is top of mind when the disruption occurs.

By combining our Marketing as a Service methodology with the powerful CRM and marketing automation workflows we build for our clients, you can ensure your prospects are regularly reminded of your organization and the stories about your solutions.

The software space is becoming more crowded by the day, and unfortunately, the best products won’t rise to the top on their own. To establish a foothold in such a competitive environment, you need your organization
to punch above its weight class to compete with the software giants. If you’re interested in learning more about how PMI can help you compete, reach out to us for a free 30-minute consultation today.


How Perri Marketing Helped One Mainframe Security Software Vendor Dramatically Boost Its Online Performance and Pipeline To Eventual Acquisition By One Of The World’s Largest Software Vendors.

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