About PMI

Covid-19 took remote-work from some companies doing it to every company doing it. It also brought wave of unemployment not seen since 2008, and in some locations, not since the depression of the 1930s. As a result of this new work normal, tech micro-businesses and SMBs are popping up and expanding like never before.
Perri Marketing, Inc. is a consulting firm with these types of businesses in mind. These new businesses need marketing help and expertise yet lack the budgets to bring on FTEs with deep experience. PMI thrives in filling this gap. Our roots are steeped micro-businesses and tech startups. We understand the need to outsource services that you can’t hire in and marketing should be included in this as-a-service play. In order to compete with the software giants, you must take a holistic approach to promoting your business that includes all media types spread across all distribution channels. This is what we’ve been doing since 2011 are committed helping your business punch above its weight. This is our specialty.

Areas of specialty:

  • Tech Content Creation: We deliver collateral to supplement your sales process.
  • Marketing as a Service: We fill any marketing HR gap you have.
  • Sales & Marketing Ops: We help align your marketing communications approach to your sales process.
  • Industry Analyst Relations & Media Relations: We help get your message, in its best form, to Gartner, Forrester Research, IDC, Frost & Sullivan and others.
  • Industry Research & Whitepaper Writing: We are experts at taking complex technologies or concepts in your industry and translating them to business value related to what you do.
  • Marketing Technology Solutions: We are a reseller of SharpSpring (now Constant Contact) CRM/Marketing Automation software with services and content that complements the CRM software stack.


In honor of the entrepreneurial startup spirit, I devote a few hours per week as mentor to entrepreneurs engaged with The Company Lab’s GIGTANK, a 12-week accelerator program for startups.

More info on CO.LAB can be found at colab.co. For details about GIGTANK, please visit thegigtank.com. The Company Lab is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Technology in our founder’s blood:
To date, PMI founder Tony Perri has served as a co-founder for three technology start-ups — AR Advocates (tech analyst relations consulting), Vallum Software (an infrastructure management ISV) and Santa Rosa Software (21st century applications for IBM z/OS).


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Holly Perri, Sr. Happiness Coordinator