About Us

Perri Marketing is a full-service marketing agency with 20+ years of experience generating qualified sales opportunities for software vendors in InfoSec, CRM, ERP, Logistics, Network/Infrastructure Management and Service Management. We have learned over the years that the best way to explain an organization’s unique value proposition, is through an effective story. But first, you need to have the technology acumen and qualified communications sills to convert the technical-speak to valuable business conversations.

We work with you as an extension of your marketing department to understand your business goals, and then deliver sales & marketing tools to reach them. Our subject-matter expertise in tech allows us to remain proactive, market-aware, and precise on the communications we develop on your behalf. For the campaigns we undertake for your business, we provide your organization with benchmarks and metrics that tell the story of the work you commission from our business.

Perri Marketing’s CMO, Tony Perri, started out as technology copywriter and has held every marketing position across his 20+ year career – product marketing, campaign management, print/web designer, videographer, marketing database admin, traffic manager, creative director, and global marketing department lead. Through this breadth of experience, we are able to provide a turn-key solution to your marketing communications, graphic design and campaign management needs.

We specialize in:

  • Marketing communications
    • Long-form content: whitepapers, use cases, blogs, product marketing documents, editorials, etc.
    • Short-form content: social media posts, emails, product marketing slicks/ads, product datasheets, etc.
  • Lead generation via Inbound Marketing Automation and CRM systems
  • Marketing campaigns and reporting (metrics)
  • PR and media relations
  • Analyst Relations (Gartner, Forrester Research, IDC, et. al.) advisory services

Qualified opportunities are a software company’s lifeblood. And with a marketing strategy, metrics and reporting, and expert execution of , CEOs can dial-in their companies’ P/L and maximize revenue for bigger smiles on investors’ faces.