Lead Process Management

A lead is just a contact in a database until you nurture it to grow into a sales qualified opportunity. To do this you need relevant content and a systematic lead nurturing approach. Sure the contact may have downloaded a piece of your content, but one download does not constitute “I’m ready to buy!”flow-chart-cropped-dropshadow

Strive for the Sales Qualified Lead!

Without the right campaign management process and technology to automate contact with the prospect, you could be spinning wheels that never touch the ground. Sales qualified leads (SQLs) should be the goal of your lead generation team, and the process to get you there is nurturing (click image at right for an example). Your organization’s ability to deliver valid SQLs starts with a nurturing process designed make keep your brand top of mind while the prospect engages in basic information gathering.




How does Perri Marketing complement your existing sales & marketing effort?

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We are Lead Process and Content Masters

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The key to pipeline growth and greater business valuation is your people working together with the right sales & marketing processes that are linked to your technology.Perri Marketing complements your sales & marketing effort with a proven lead management process designed to optimize lead-to-sales-qualified conversion. We provide a systematic, automated process for lead nurturing to keep prospects engaged with your brand.In addition to lead process management, we are also content masters with more than 20 years of converting technology-speak to business value in the form of white papers, technical papers, blogs, media releases and other content you use to keep prospects engaged.

What is the deliverable with Perri Marketing's lead process management service?

elements marketing image Lead management service includes the following
  • Lead management standard operating procedure (LMSOP). The LMSOP includes:
    1. Lead definition according to your organization
    2. Lead grading policy – this policy drives the nurturing workflows
    3. Lead nurturing workflows to be used with marketing automation and CRM systems – i.e. what happens to the lead when it comes into your IT systems
    4. Analytical requirements document – CRM & automation systems parameters for determining cost-per metrics for lead grades, plus metrics for cost per opportunity and cost per won deal
    5. Lead-to-opportunity conversion analysis and comparison to industry norms/benchmarks
    6. Campaign ROI analysis – assessed by client-chosen parameters (marketing vehicle, geo, industry, product group)
      1. Comparison of campaign ROI to budget to determine viability of future marketing spending
  • Additional service available:
    • A review and assessment of your campaign tracking processes.
    • Our campaign tracking portal is available at no charge to Perri Marketing lead fulfillment customers. Click here for more information on our lead fulfillment offering.
    • Outbound telesales calling scripts
    • Outbound call-center services available depending on your requirements

Every project with Perri Marketing includes a free initial discovery consultation call where we determine the scope of work needed to complete the job. After the initial discovery, a scope of work document is prepared with a project estimate for client approval.

Perri Marketing has the right practitioner approach from years of lead-to-opportunity management in a corporate setting. Contact us today!