Lead Fulfillment | Lowest Cost

If you are looking to add database contacts to your sales & marketing effort, we can find these contacts at the lowest cost possible. You provide the demographic, geographic and industry parameters and we will search our database for the best resource for your need. We have more than 2,000 service providers for your database contact needs.

Content Syndication: Best Approach for Lead Fulfillment

Our lead fulfillment engagement process is through content syndication programs. Content syndication is simply adding a marketing asset (whitepaper, blog entry, or other thought-leading content from your organization) to a web portal with subscribers and exchanging that content for the contact’s information.¬† Because of our access to so many web-portal providers, we can get the lowest cost possible for those contacts.


Cloud-based Campaign Management Tracking at No Additional Cost!

Additionally, we provide a cloud-based campaign manager so you can track the success of your syndication program from any web browser. Perri Marketing provides this campaign manager free of charge to clients leveraging our lead fulfillment services.

Free Campaign Manager, Available to all Lead Fulfillment Clients

The most essential element of growing any business is the lead. Perri Marketing can be the conduit to your specified target prospects at the lowest possible cost. Contact us today!