Content for Lead Nurturing

Content is the reason Google, Yahoo and Bing find you and index your company for future reference. At Perri Marketing we only write content in industry segments where we have previously worked and been writers.

I know how to convert your technical value to relevant content that resonates with business decision-makers to create more effective messaging for prospects.

For content to be relevant (according to the major search engines), your copy has to “talk” about what your website says your organization does in your HTML title pages. In doing so, you are linking the content in your articles, whitepapers, product descriptions, and other pages on your website to those page titles.

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Take for instance the bicycle parts website The HTML title for reads: “Bikes, Cycling Clothing, Bike Parts & Cycling Gear: Bike Discounts & Deals from Nashbar.” When you browse the site you will find a lot of bikes, cycling clothing, bike parts, etc… The search engines index’s title and the domain’s content and sure enough, there are thousands of matches to bicycle items and life is good for Nashbar. And if you Google “bicycle parts,” Nashbar shows up as search item #2, right below

Clearly, this is elementary and it might seem on the surface as tongue-in-cheek. But in the technology sector, it is critical to understand these simple concepts when developing content for your website. Lengthy sales cycles and high price points in technology demand breadth of content for prospects to consume on the road to shortlisting you as a finalist vendor. The search engines will index you favorably if your content in body copy is related to your page titles.  High performing key words should be strategically used in your content, which begs the question: do you know what those high performing key words are?

And most importantly, there has to be freshness. Simply put, content that is fresh generates page views. If you want to give your leads a fighting chance to make it to sales qualified opportunity, give your prospects relevant content that is fresh. Perri Marketing has been developing relevant technology content for more than 20 years. The links below will take you to our content portfolio. Please take a look and keep us in mind for your content needs and keep it fresh!